World Globe Map Online

Nowadays, a lot of different kinds of world map have emerged. These include antique world maps, world weather maps, thematic world maps and many more. All of these maps are not only available in stores, but online as well. Have you ever tried finding a free world globe map online? Undeniably, it can be a challenging and overwhelming task. For your information, there are so many websites today that offer high quality world maps for free. Among the best is World Atlas, known as a great place to find not only all kinds of map but other related information as well.

There are some websites which offer a vast selection of maps of the world including topographical, geophysical, satellite, geopolitical, interactive, historical and human footprint maps. You can also find some other sorts of map like continental maps of South America, Africa, North America, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, Australia and the world’s oceans. Other websites provide 3D animations, showing what life was like during ancient civilizations like Angkor. In addition, a wide variety of printable maps, world wall maps, mounted maps, laminated maps and map puzzles are also available on several places in the internet.


Surfing the internet can also lead you to finding a reproduction of the oldest among ancient maps, namely 1493 Chronicon Nurembergense World Map. Moreover, you can also find downloadable maps for your GPS. World globe map online places are all intended to meet the needs of teachers, students, parents and travelers. If you are a parent who needs a free online world map for your child, make sure that your selected site has kid- friendly site navigation and design for his convenience. Other things that these sites can offer include print maps and information regarding time zones, capital cities, bodies of water, currency, population, flags and land forms.

Designing a World Map

When considering designing a world map, you need to select whether to do it manually or with a computer software program like Adobe Photoshop. If you have exceptional drawing skills, creating the map by hand is a better option. Otherwise, you will achieve a better output by doing it digitally. Next, decide on what layout you want your map to have. Layout options include a solid land mass, a group of islands and an archipelago. The choice you make should More...

World Map Coordinates

When learning about coordinates on a world map, it is important that you know what each of them means. For example, latitude refers to the distance of a place from the Equator. The Equator is represented by the circle surrounding the earth that is equally distant from the north and south poles. Latitude can be either south or north of the equator, represented on the map by a horizontal line. On the other hand, longitude refers to the distance of More...

Reading a World Map

To read a world map, you need to review first what a scale, compass rose and map key means. You need to have at least basic knowledge about these terms and their relevance to one another. Take a world map out and read its map key so that you will understand what is meant by each symbol on it. With a compass rose, find intermediate and cardinal directions on a world globe map. Review fundamental symbols that indicate direction, such More...